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March 7, 2019
Country Ham with Red Eye Gravy. In Celebration of “Dueling Banjos” on this day in 1973 it was awarded a gold record.

Thanks to Stevens country hams and meats

Cauliflower Corn Grits with poached eggs and Red Eye Gravy

This is a classic from Southern Americana

So What Makes Red Eye Gravy So Good?

If we use wine and beer in cooking , why not coffee ……

Is this just a dish created by necessity, because in the early 1800’s coffee
was a precious commodity, there was no Starbucks. Often times familes used the same grounds for a week. Could you imagine if you would have brought a Keurig in. saw all those pods in the trash. So to add a bit of flavor to a gravy why not try a bit of coffee, from the 7th brew around.
Slade Rushing, the executive chef at Brennans in New Orleans said that he grew up with Red Eye Gravy but didn’t like it’s bitter flavor much. So is this really a dish that could go away from a time poorer time? However he has remodeled red eye gravy using fresh brewed coffee and a nice stock to compliment it and loves the smoky flavor from the quality coffee.

About Dueling Banjo’s

Billy Redden was the small boy that played the one banjo in dueling banjos in the movie Deliverance . The song was one of the few instrumentals that
was awarded a gold record in the 70’s on March 7

More about Billy Redden

The movie scene of Dueling Banjo’s from the movie “Deliverance”.

Billy Redden today. What a nice guy

Some good links



March 3, Another Buffalo Day, in celebration of when The Buffalo Springfield Band formed in 1966.

Clancy’s Buffalo Breakfast Quesadilla

Clancy’s Buffalo Breakfast Pizza

So we will be celebrating the Buffalo Springfield and the Buffalo Seasoned Dishes.

On this day March 3, The group Buffalo Springfield was formed.
The Story about how they got together in a traffic jam on Sunset Boulevard
Is fun and worth reading .

 In a traffic jam on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles in early April of 1966, the two chanced to pull up behind a battered, black 1953 Pontiac hearse bearing Ontario, Canada license plates. Stalled in rush hour traffic ahead of them sat Neil Young and Bruce Palmer, tired, broke and on their way out of town following a cross country journey in search of their musical dreams. That chance meeting would ultimately change the face of Rock music forever. They took their name from a brand of heavy asphalt roller and within weeks they were setting the Sunset Strip music scene on its ears and challenging all rivals.

There first hit was Nowadays Clancy Can’t Even Sing written by Neil Young.

Apparently Neil Young wrote this song about his career that he felt was going nowhere. Clancy was a school mate named Ross “Clancy” Smith that was bold and incited awe in his school.
More about this song here


In Honor of Alice May Brock who is 78 today.

Warm Potato and Green Bean Salad

Alice May Brock had a restaurant in Stockbridge Mass. in the 70’s called Alice’s restaurant. It was just a good food, from Meatloaf to Pasta with Mussels, nothing hippie-ish.

Watch the whole Movie Alice’s Restaurant


Banana’s Foster and Banana’s Foster Crepes

Also on this Day in 1827, folks took to the streets in New Orleans to celebrate Mardi Gras, which is also known as Fat Tuesday. Fast Forward to 1951 and Brennan’s Restaurant in New Orleans was serving their special dessert

Go here to find out more about the History of Banana’s Foster

Mardi Gras
Mardi Gras painting
Karneval in Rom

On this day in Music,

1964 -The Rolling Stones made their second appearance on BBC TV show Top Of The Pops performing ‘Not Fade Away’.

Here is a video of the Stones in 1964 on the Mike Douglas Show…it is so much fun

Jerk Chicken Tostada

This is a blend of 2 cultures, Mexican and Jamaican. I love the flavors of chilies, garlic, cumin and Mexican oregano, and of course guacamole, with the sweet, tangy and spicy blend of flavors of the a Jerk marinade that was perfected with Jamaican native spices like allspice (it is called pimenta in Jamaica) and other herbs from the old world like thyme.

Go Here for Recipe for Jerk Chicken Fajita

To learn more about the history of Jamaican Jerk go here

Smoking Valentine Rum Punch

This was a great punch we did utilizing the 5 basic elements of punch. I felt a sense of history when we made this and could taste the nice balance and fun spices from the vanilla, Jamaican rum and cherry juice.

Go here to make Smoking Valentine Rum Punch 

Oldest Punch Recipes

Vintage Punch Recipes

Punch is older than the United States and the recipes much better back then. Punch was something that many a business deal, political scheme was hatched or just good social time together in the taverns and punch houses.

Shawn Lea from Jackson, MS, US

Go Here to Read Some Great Vintage Punch Recipes


Feb 5, 2019
Buffalo Breast Wings

Buffalo Breast Wings
Buffalo Breast Wings

This dish is a leaner version of the Anchor Bar’s invention of the Buffalo Wings. To read the fascinating history of how they came up with the idea of frying wings and mixing them with a spicy sauce and serving them with celery and blue cheese dressing read about it here.

Too make this dish with a few pics to help visualize
Go here to make Buffalo Breast Wings


Jan 26, 2019
Poor Knights of Windsor

This is the British version of French Toast that is centuries old before it ever popped up in America. It is delicious and I highly recommend this recipe.
Go here to make it and read the history.

Jan, 21, 2019,
Armer Ritter

German French Toast
from the Medieval Days.

Armer Ritter
Armer Ritter

This Recipe for the German style French Toast goes way back to the 14th century. It is very similar with a few differences, the biggest being that it is dipped in sweet bread crumbs after it is dipped in the milk and eggs.

Go here for the recipe

For more information on the full history of
French Toast go here


Jan 18,

Individual Breakfast Strata’s

Individual Breakfast Stratas
Individual Breakfast Strata

This dish is a technique that is centuries old, using end pieces or stale bread, soaked in eggs as a base then layer on the goodies. This modern version uses Spinach, bagel, cheese, turkey and pastrami and is microwaved instead of baking.

Go Here for the Interesting History and Recipe for Breakfast Strata



A German Christmas Bread, that dates back to the 14th century. 
We have a braided Stollen and one with a vein of marzipan running through the middle. 
Served regular or toasted with lots of good butter
and fresh ground coffee. 

Here is the history, 

Here are the Recipes