Music in History

I imagine in my Fantasy Cafe that there would be music from history to go with the dishes.

A really cool documentary on Johnny Winter , called Down and Dirty, and is on Amazon Prime.

Today celebrating one of my favorite guitar blues singer, Johnny Winter.

I first bought a record album from him called “The Progressive Blues Experiment.
link is to Amazon if you want to purchase

Johnny has a particular style here that he calls Blues Rock. He plays riffs and leads with a thumb pick and can do rhythm with his other fingers.

He also uses a slide bar on his little finger most of the time it seems. He loves the style of Robert Johnson.


Johnny Winter in 2010 on David Letterman


Johnny Winter at Woodstock 1969


Johnny Winter Blues Lesson


Nov 2, On this Day I heard…..

In Music History, fans are sent to jail in Germany after marching through the streets of Leipzig shouting “Long live Elvis Presley” and making unkind remarks about German music.

Oct 18, 2019

Reminiscing on Ginger Baker

that died on Oct 6th 2019 Some great video’s on a documentary of Ginger Baker here is one by his daughter Nettie that wrote several books on Ginger

Oct 13, 1964
Bobby Picket does
“The Monster Mash” on American Bandstand