Eggs Ala Goldenrod

This is a recipe I thought would be fun for Easter, I found several articles in
newspapers around 1900 -1920 ,
Eggs Ala Goldenrod

It gets it’s name from the grating of the yolks over the creamed eggs. The finish looks like the small yellow delicate flowers of the Goldenrod plant. The recipes are simple white sauce with the whites of hard cooked eggs chopped into bite sized pieces, pour this sauce over, toast, muffin, biscuit or rice, and top with grated hard cooked egg whites. You can also press them through a sieve or ricer. Garnish with chopped parsley or a sprig.


This one is from the Marion County News, Hamilton Alabama, March 26, 1908

This one is from the Buffalo Courier, Feb 16, 1917
This suggests cutting the toast into points and
dipping it in water to soften a bit before putting
the sauce on it. Makes it tender enough to cut with a fork.
also it is pretty to put the toast points around the dish for garnish.

Ad found in the Buffalo Courier
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I found this in a 1905 paper in Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania

This one serves it over rice and surrounds it with a cooked spinach border. What you could do to make a nice presentation for company be it Breakfast,
Lunch or Dinner.

This is how easy the sauce is and how large to chop the whites.

Grating the yolks with a grater is simple and so pretty.