Italian Sandwich

This could also be be called a Hoagie, Sub Sandwich, Grinder,

Italian Sandwich

The Classic Italian Sub Sandwich that you would find in an Italian Deli, or specialty sub shop that advertises authentic Italian sandwiches has some basic similarities. You can trace the origins back to the early 1900’s, where it was developed to feed dock workers or other working men. Whether you call it a Sub, a Hoagie, a Grinder, a Hero, and advertised as Italian style, they all look very similar.

For more History of the Hoagie Sandwich

There are certain styles that remain popular and for certain reasons. I have talked to so many folks say that they remember the wonderful flavors of an Italian sub sandwich that had all those, salami type cold cut flavors and the Spices and crunch of the bread.

The Basic Flavors that make up the Italian Sandwich Flavor

The Cheese:
Provolone cheese, mild or smoked
Mozzarella cheese
These 2 choices I find excellent on an Italian sandwich.

The Meats:

you can mix and match, but here are the important categories
Salami, I divide into hard and soft

Genoa salami is a softer and milder salami,
Hard or Dry Salami’s are often less fatty but have a different texture and flavors than the Genoa. There are different styles and flavors and usually just called hard or dry Salami.

Ham, Capicolla or Coppa is a fattier ham made from the pork collar and seasoned with spice. You can also choose prociutto, or if you want a really milder choice, a deli ham or boiled ham is often popular.

Mortadella This is a Bologna type texture that is made with wine and spices and speckled with fatback.
You could also use a Bologna or Olive loaf

The Bread
Nice crust, just not too crispy. Large enough to hold the meats, and perhaps you want to pull some of the inside of the bread out so the meats stay in better and also a better proportion of meat to bread.

The Vegetables
Sliced Tomato
Sliced onions or strips. A popular way is to thin slice purple onion and soak in water for 15 min or so to remove part of the sting. You can also pickle the onions.
Lettuce. Most favored is Iceberg and shredded.

Pickle chips
Giardinera, or a relish called hot Giardinera

Olive oil
Red wine vinegar or Balsamic Vinegar
Oregano or Italian Seasoning
Salt and Pepper

The Construction
Here are some video’s on making a sub Sandwich

Here is a video from Sam’s Sub Shop in Pennsylvania

Sam’s Sub Shop

An Italian Sandwich made by the Chef from Bon Apetit Magazine

I liked this video, just by a home guy. He makes his own Italian dressing with garlic.

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