Celebrating Warm Salads Through History

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Warm Salads for the Fall

Emma’s Hot Bacon Salad
Curly Play on Salad Frisee (Frisee aux Lardon , with a poached egg)
Mesclun Salad
with warm onion dressing Benedict
Dandelion Salad
With Hot Bacon Dressing, Potato and Boiled Egg

Warm Butternut Squash Salad
with pears, Black Beans, Boiled egg,
and Hot Apple Cider Dressing


Here is one of a recipe for a warm salad from an English cookbook around the time of Richard the II.

From a 14th century English Cookbook A Forme of Cury `

This is a recipe for a warm salad and you can translate some of the items, like onions, leeks, borage, mint, rosemary, fennel and in the directions you can see that someone has translated the words to warm and brown.


Salad with Hot Bacon Dressing

My Grandma Block in the Kitchen

The Hot Bacon Salad has a special place for me because it was the standard salad served in individual small wooden salad bowls that my grandfather made on his lathe.

Emma’s Hot Bacon Salad

I used this as my house salad at my restaurant in Bend, Oregon, and was always very popular. I am not sure where my grandma learned this but was probably from the old world, given it’s popularity in Europe. In the north especially cured and smoked meats were a staple as they needed to put up food for the long winters.
Also they heartier greens like kale’s, Cress, Coss (Romaine) Endive can withstand the cold fall temperatures in the ground.

Curly Play on Salad Frisee

Frisse aux Lardon is a salad you can find in French Bistro’s especially in Lyon, France often called a gastronomic center of France. French peasant farmers also grew hearty lettuces that could withstand the fall temperatures. I love the poached egg on top.

Salad Frisee with Curly Endive
Lyon, an der Saône, Eglise Saint Georges
Herbert Frank from Wien (Vienna), AT

Frisee is a type of Endive that has a bittersweet flavor, and those flavors that is different than a curly endive, and lighter yellow in color. The classic Lyonnaise way to make this salad is to fry thick bacon pieces with shallots add, some red wine vinegar, toss in the frisee and serve it on a plate with a poached egg.

The French have a long history of salads that was adopted from the Romans that served mixed greens, oil, vinegar and often a brine , hence the name Salad derived from the word salt.

Here is a nice video from Cafe Petit Trois doing a classic Frisee Salad also called Salad Lyonnaise

Warm Mesclun Salad with Onion Dressing Benedict


This takes the salad with poached egg one step further and uses hearty Mesclun Greens and a warm onion dressing, served on an English muffin with Canadian bacon, poached eggs and Hollandaise. I purposely left out the bacon on this one as if you are vegetarian you can enjoy this salad just as much. (Sans canadian bacon)

Dandelion Greens with Hot Bacon Dressing, Boiled Potato and Egg

Dandelion Greens with potato and Egg Salad

This is a wonderful blend of flavors, Greens, Potato and Egg salad. Dandelion is actually a great tasting Green, but it needs a bold dressing, and the hot bacon or hot onion vinaigrette is perfect.


Warm Butternut Squash Salad
with Black Beans, Pears, Boiled Egg
and Hot Apple Cider Dressing

Warm Butternut Squash Salad

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