Poor Knights of Windsor

Why does Most of Europe Name it after a Poor Knight? These Knights of Windsor represent those retired miiitary from centuries past, often poor and were given lodging in Windsor Castle. One of heir jobs was to pray for the king and the military to be successful in battle. So how did a dish like […]

Armer Ritter

Arme Ritter literally means “Poor Knight” in German and if you put into a translator “Armer Ritter” then it returns “French Toast”. This is a German Style French Toast. What makes it German and why have we chose this for our dish today at the Food History Café? This dish goes way back to medieval […]

Individual Breakfast Stratas

A Strata as you can guess comes from the word stratify or to layer. This was a common way to do stews or casseroles in many centuries old recipes I have seen. Instead of mixing everything in a stock or liquid you would make layers, of say meat, vegetables and potatoes. Then add your stock […]